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The Void is many things, but it is never nothing, raising an interesting philosophical point about the nature of nothing and the ontological paradox of nothing,...
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Keith Alban EvokeOne Evoke Senior Member  |  Male  |  11 submissions
Well, Sometimes in all of our lives, there is that 'something' that changes it all.

For me it was music...or so I thought. I worked my way from "loving music" to learning music. Then came playing music, and performing music. Recording music and Exploring different ways to make music, and so on it went. Up and down thru it's changes...maintaining course and always improving.
There were spooky losing your instrument is a disorientating thing for a musician. I learned to overcome that by switching "fields." Moving from a traditional instrument... to the electronic platform.

Being a drummer means you can not throw on headphones and practice like your counterparts.

Ambient music became a part of me. guiding me in my journey. Allowing me to use sonic colors to express my concepts. My music sets me free. It is the true side of Keith Alban. So catch the warm wind from the south and sail away.... wait until morning comes, then this will all seem like a dream.

Now I am working on a hybrid concept fusing art, interactivity and atmospherics, decorations and unconventional lighting and of course; Deep Ambient Soundscaping in high definition, surround format all wrapped up in an unique powerful performance.

Evoke will be a part of my life to help track these chronicles.

Come with us and Explore. Dream. Discover....

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Jazzmutant Lemur, Korg Electribe, M-Audio Oxgen 49, Yamaha Studio Monitors, Access Virus TI Snow, Roland Keyboards and RH-300 Headphones Clay water pots, tablas, djembes, Pearl Studio Custom 7 piece kit, Didgeridoo,

Music,Mentalism, agic, Wicca,viewing Great art, listening to great music, drinking dark beer, appreciating crushed green flowers, spending time with my beautiful wife,playing with children and anything Star Wars

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