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[ Exhibition XXI: Spectrum ]

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  • Summer Breezing
  • by Keith Alban
    [BrainStorm] ice cream has many different flavors. It is interpeted here by BrainStorm Operations in a chilled lounge style track. With a pad that just soaks the song like sunrays it has so much Cafe del Mar style chillage to it...that we had to get it in on Spectrum. We hope you enjoy. Summer Breezing. Off the Liquid Lounge Album. . . . : : :Chill The Planet: : : . . .

# Track Name Musician
1 Colorful World of Your Mind Vitaliy Zavadskyy
2 Phoenix Keith Alban
3 Summer Breezing Keith Alban
4 The Clear Line Keith Alban
5 Violet Keith Alban