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[ Exhibition XXI: Spectrum ]

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  • Phoenix
  • by Keith Alban

Shhhhhh.... Listen closely. Past the digital shadows and echo traces of deep frequencies. GO into the depths of the Spectrum and pay close attention to the fiery bird of prey as Phoenix makes his way through the ashes. @ 2:55 the Skies are visible to Phoenix and there is no stopping him now. Now with the underworld behind us, fly with our bird as we take you through a charged night sky filled with melody and atmosphere. We looooove this song, and hope you do too. Thanks for listening.

# Track Name Musician
1 Colorful World of Your Mind Vitaliy Zavadskyy
2 Phoenix Keith Alban
3 Summer Breezing Keith Alban
4 The Clear Line Keith Alban
5 Violet Keith Alban