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[ Exhibition XXII: Age ]

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  • The Digital Rainforest - Intro*
  • by Keith Alban

A trip thru white noise and burning cinders. Come to the crystal garden where the sun glows like yesterday\'s memories. Inhale in the fresh air. Run your fingers thru the wet grass, as you scan the crimson perspective. For it is when I want to run away…that I dive off of realities cliff into this world that breaks my fall. In this world there are no predators or threatening creatures. The balance is held by the transparency itself, denying access to the conventional…only those who have never stopped imagining can come here. Listen carefully; I want you to close your eyes to trigger the portal. Do you see the plasma? Chase it into the never-ending form. Let the visuals channel you into a deep peaceful abstraction. Once the door is wide open, you will take notice of the tumbler rolling back. Breaching the gateway for you to step in, without your self-importance, without your language, I invite you to enter this tranquil field. Allow the atmosphere time enough to overwhelm your senses. Take on the discipline to process one\'s consciousness slowly. Can you smell the light rain? Do the traces of jasmine in the air delight your nose? Listen in as the stream rushes over the riverbed\'s prehistoric stones. Sense the continuation of 100,000 year old vegetation…and just know that before you even open your eyes, this is the most spectacular place you have ever seen.

# Track Name Musician
1 A deformed Mind Alejandro Soto Martinessi
2 A Moment Before The Destruction Jarno Kauppinen
3 A Muse Forgotten Steve Foust
4 Aging Elijah Doray
5 Azure Visions Dilip Rajan
6 Behind the clock Alejandro Soto Martinessi
7 Chroscendo Wiktor Öhman
8 Discovery of Light Vitaliy Zavadskyy
9 Drum -n- Space Keith Alban
10 Flight Plan Zero Niner Keith Alban
11 Freakshow Alejandro Soto Martinessi
12 It's All About You (ft. Angelica Ahrens) Ted Yavuzkurt
13 Jah vibe Lionel Charpentier
14 Lucid Adventure Jarno Kauppinen
15 Mindscapes Ben White
16 Still Life Jarno Kauppinen
17 The Digital Rainforest - Intro* Keith Alban
18 The Raven Dilip Rajan
19 Toy Soldiers Tobias Peterson
20 UV Edgar Navarro