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Aaron Campbell is a young yet extremely talented Canadian artist, illustrator, and designer. At the age of 16, he brings experience and wisdom to the table...
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Staff Comments Ted Yavuzkurt
A monumental release. One full year in the making. AGE doesn’t represent merely another step down the same path; on the contrary it is an exhibit expressively characterizing the paradigm shift within the collective. All the pent up energy, the motive force behind the recent changes in our group were channeled simultaneously into one hundred of the most drop dead gorgeous works we’ve ever produced.

From the psychedelic abstract works of James Merril, to the energetic scenes captured by our featured artist Aaron Campbell, to the sublime photographs of Linus Leandersson, you’re in for a visual feast accompanied by the ambient soundscapes of our audio director, Keith Alban, and many other Evoke musicians. Bring the colors, bring the noise, bring on the new age!
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