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The Void is many things, but it is never nothing, raising an interesting philosophical point about the nature of nothing and the ontological paradox of nothing,...
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Alejandro soto martinessi EvokeOne Evoke Senior Member  |  Male  |  16 submissions Launch slideshow
I am alejandro and i'm a illustrator based in valparaiso chile.
My work is a mixture of photomanipulation and digital illustrations.
I like to call "photoillustration". Basically, it is a collage made from images (stocks) and then turned to the format, to transform them into drawings for creating scenes of artistic content. My work focuses on the production of art to clothing, skins, accessories, paintings, and all kinds of graphic design, my only tool to work is photoshop. It is the media that makes me feel more comfortable, so my illustrations have their own seal Read Less

My career started about 8 years ago, when accidentally I met the world of photographic retouching and all the discipline involved behind the software of photographic intervention , modeling and design in general.I was very excited to learn the kinds of things they can do with these programs, and I started researching.

So, I decided to read all kinds of aid from the web to learn adobe photoshop control. I found quite a few works which were great source of my inspiration and motivation. e always been an art lover, i can to say that began to my time of primary school. After to a long hard work, dowry myself the technique, getting results and burning stages, to be transformed me in to the i'm now.
I studying the career of graphic design for two seasons, but tube to leave school because of personal problems.

I did a BA in painting and drawing at the school of arts from valparaiso, I been into this for many years.
I enjoy doing what I like, and I hope that my work is to your liking as well as the tour of my website

About Me

viña del mar Chile

Adobe Photoshop cs3. Adobe Illustrator cs3 Cinema 4D freehand 3d studio max

sex,music and rock and roll

Favorite Artists:
Salvador Dali

Favorite Musicians:
Mr. doctor, Kurt cobain, Laine Stanley

digital illustration and 3d