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Parker Gibson is an illustrator who has developed his style constantly while at Evoke. His impressive collaborations and personal work have been a highlight,...
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Staff Comments Brandon Spahn
After months of determination, we are proud to present Evoke's 29th exhibition, The End. The End brings a dark and inspiring variety of art, music, and photography. We released this exhibition on the day the Mayan calendar ends, a day predicted to signify the termination of the world as we know it. Feelings of death, rage, gloom, and bereavement are scattered throughout the artwork.

Our featured artist, Parker Gibson, produced some truly outstanding collaborations and solo works for this release. He stuck with his roots, creating art that displays his rough sketch style through paint splatters and quick strokes. Howard Winterson is another dominant force in the exhibition. He crafts your imagination by his use of bold shapes, vivid colors, and detailed patterns. Long-time member Ricardo collaborated on several pieces, helping to push our newer artists to their maximum potential. Many recent recruits also contributed to the success of this release. Mike Yang's photography, Martin Grohs' matte painting, Raf Banzuela's digital painting, and Mikolaj Lawnicki's photo-manipulations are all fresh Evoke artists pushing the boundaries.

On behalf of Evoke, we hope you enjoy our 29th exhibition! Grab some popcorn and browse fast, just in case the world really does end!

-Brandon Spahn, EvokeOne Sr. Member
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