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Staff Comments Matt Dobson
For our 26th exhibition, we have returned with "Evoke III". Once again, our members have experimented with their mediums and produced a set of beautiful artwork, photography and music.

This is the first exhibit to be paired with a live gallery exhibition in Baltimore, thanks to the hard work and dedication of Anthony Gargasz, James Merril, Parker Gibson, Ted Yavuzkurt and more. As this exhibit is being released, people are already enjoying these works and meeting some of the artists who created them.

Ricardo Juarez is our featured artist this time around, producing awesome mixed media illustrations. Khyzyl Saleem, Ricardo Juarez, Luca Genovese and many more created stunning graphic illustrations, while Ian Steele and Oliver Gareis produced cool 2d vector work. All of which is accompanied by slick audio from JB Gordon and Ben Bruce.
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  • Dreamstep Demo
  • by Benzamak
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