Current Exhibit Into The Void
The Void is many things, but it is never nothing, raising an interesting philosophical point about the nature of nothing and the ontological paradox of nothing,...
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EvokeOne An online collective for art, design, photography and music

What Is Evoke?

Evoke is an online art, music, design, and photography collective. We have a roster of exclusive, invited artists from every corner of the world and all walks of life. Every few months, we release themed exhibitions to the public, showcasing our abilities.

We are not a corporate entity, although many of our members do practice their craft professionally. Individuality has, and always will be, our aim at Evoke. Our priority is to continually strive to discover and develop unique concepts to unleash upon the digital art community. By providing abstract yet guiding themes for our members, we allow everyone to grow as an artist without the difficulty, constraints, and pressures associated with paid design work.

If you are interested in becoming a member, you may fill out an application on the member forums or email one of our staff members. Please do not apply if you do not feel you are ready as you will only waste your own time and ours. That said, we are always looking for fresh thinking, unique talent to join our already prestigious and vibrant group of exclusive members - so if you have something to contribute or an idea for a project beyond a normal exhibition, do not hesitate to contact us.

Group History

Founded in June 2005 by Justin Bristow and Sean Graham, Evoke began as a youthful online boutique art community. As numerous talented artists and designers joined the team, Evoke expanded beyond its original realm, recruiting killer musicians and photographers.

With the release of the second and third versions of the Evoke website, Evoke quickly demonstrated that it was not just another run of the mill online art group.

Online art communities open and shut everyday. But Evoke has lasted for nine years through thick and through thin.

Following the unveiling of the fourth Evoke website in August, 2007, Evoke exploded onto the forefront of online design collectives. By this point it was clear that Evoke would be around for the long haul.

The next two years were a period of both dormancy and renewal for Evokers as many longstanding contributors parted ways. Here we all realized that innovation was the key to survival. It took two years of work and coordination to build emerge with v5, the latest and most powerful release of our website.

Designed from the ground up to give members world-class collaboration tools to truly allow creativity to reign free, v5 represents a new era in the group's history.

At the moment, Evoke is undering another rebirth. The group is looking for a new way to define itself and stay at the forefront of online digital art. This is an exciting and invigorating time. If you wish to be a part of this new effort, send in an application or zip us an email.