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Parker Gibson An interview with XXIX: The End's featured artist
Introduction Matt Dobson
Parker Gibson is an illustrator who has developed his style constantly while at Evoke. His impressive collaborations and personal work have been a highlight, as his ability with both digital and traditional mediums.

It is our pleasure to have him as our featured artist for our 29th release!
Embrace change in your work
and keep moving forward.
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The Interview

Evoke {1} First of all, who is Parker Gibson? Tell us about yourself, where do you come from, how old are you, do you have any hobbies etc.?

Parker Gibson: I am 27, currently living in Edwardsville, IL USA 15 minutes from Saint Louis, MO. I really enjoy movies and music most of the time I have available to myself. Where I live the art culture is fairly rich and devoted to fine arts so it's wonderful to be living in a place that's focused on art. I enjoy a lot of tv and personal time when I'm not creating new work or working on design related projects.

Evoke {2} Where does your inspiration comes from and who are your favourite artists?

Parker Gibson: My inspiration is a wide array of everyday things to personal thoughts and feelings. Daily inspiration blogs and design posts on social networks can provide fresh content and new designers or artists I have never heard of.

Evoke {3} How did you get yourself into digital art? Why did you start? And what are your plans to the future as an artist? Is it a career or just a hobby?

Parker Gibson: Originally my art started with street art and constantly drawing, one day I opened photoshop and stumbled onto some blogs online that led me to discovering groups like Evokeone. I was blown away seeing the art work and possibilities of programs like photoshop I was charged to learn them. I have no direct plans as an artist other than to just keep creating and growing as a designer. For sure what I'm doing is more than a hobby for me. I always have this as an outlet and I'm fortunate to be able to make use of what I do as a profession.

Evoke {4} What's your preferred environment for creating art?

Parker Gibson: Currently I have a studio space set up in my home. From time to time I enjoy getting out and working at local coffee shops or various locations to clear the air and have a change of scenery. I really enjoy working where I can listen to my music and focus on what I'm doing until I want to put the computer away.

Evoke {5} What are your main tools?

Parker Gibson: Pencils, Pens, Wacom Tablet. Sometimes I'll explore a stock photo or 3D piece.

Evoke {6} Apart from digital art, what other types of art you appreciate?

Parker Gibson: I really enjoy printmaking and painting. Breaking away from digital art can be therapeutic and let me explore traditional mediums of art. Time away can allow me to gather ideas, or maybe to explore new techniques.

Evoke {7} About how long does it takes you to make a typical piece from start to finish?

Parker Gibson: Sometimes I can make a piece in a day, other times I need longer. More importantly, how much energy is the piece going to require from me. If I have a heavy digital painting that requires many details I want to slow down and hash out the details in it to perfect it. In the middle of working I try to dissect different portions and maybe expand on them.

Evoke {8} What is the most useful thing you've ever learned while developing your style?

Parker Gibson: I don't know that it's really one thing in particular that I've learned as it is a combination of things, composition, use of a good color palette, and the perfection of technique over time.

Evoke {9} Pick your favorite work you've submitted to Evoke in your time here and walk us through your process creating it.

Parker Gibson: I would have to say my first submission to evoke is genuinely my personal favorite. I remember the hype just to be a part of the crew and receiving feedback on my work. From the very start I had inspiration and plans to incorporate typography. I knew I wanted to use a simple color palette and make the piece as organic as possible with texture and unique style. I think overall I made several revisions and that helped me build up a sense for my style and further myself as an artist. With the help of critique from the group I was able to really make a sound submission to the group and learn my own process for creating a piece in that style.

Evoke {10} How do you feel after you finished or while you are creating something, do you put your feelings into your art?

Parker Gibson: When I'm starting a piece I'm exploring my style and craft as well as conceptually developing the work I'm making. In the middle of a piece I'm escaping things from my routine day to day life and just expressing myself through my art so yes I let a lot of my feelings out in my art. After I have created something there is a sense of accomplishment but also relief. Just knowing I have completed this task of making this piece and seeing it from the start to finish is very rewarding. I enjoy making work that speaks to different types of people. The work I made for this pack specifically is more about exploring technique in my mark making and stylized lines.

Evoke {11} What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

Parker Gibson: Embrace change in your approach to how you work and keep moving forward.

Evoke {12} Thanks a lot for your time, Parker! How does it feel to be the featured artist? Is there anything else you would like to say to those who are reading this interview?

Parker Gibson: I'm humbled to featured here with this group that has an excellent legacy.