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Vigan Tafili An interview with XXX: FLOW's featured artist
Introduction Parker Gibson
Vigan Tafili is an artist who has produced wonderful illustrations combining natural and sci-fi elements for our 30th exhibit.

It's our pleasure to have him as our featured artist, and we hope you enjoy this insight into his work.
I like to think about the future
how that will be or it can be
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The Interview

Evoke {1} Firstly can you tell us a little more about who you are Vigan? What other interests you have aside from art and what makes up your daily life?

Vigan Tafili: I am Vigan Tafili, 18 years old, born and raised in Peja, a small city in the newest country in Europe - Kosovo. Kosovo, is quite a small country, but with a huge trunk of ancient tradition in the culture of art expression; and if I might say, with a high number of artistic talents. My first contact with computer arts was at quite a young age. I started with photography and continued with photo editing, then slowly by learning and experimenting, I became a digital artist, one that I am today, My life is normal life, at Monday morning I start working, job for me is fun and I most say its my hobby I like what I do, I just enjoy it, what makes me a daily life is my family, friends and art, making art and talking with my family and friends makes me a great day.

Evoke {2} Your work seems to fuse a natural relaxed feel with synthetic and sci-fi elements. Is that something you often set out with the intention to make or is it a result of your creative process?

Vigan Tafili: Yeah my work, it's more based on nature and sci-fi, what I love in this life from world is nature the green plants and animals, doing nature makes me feel relaxed, sci-fi is a other side of my art, I'm a space lover galaxy and space always get my eyes, I like to think about the future how that will be or it can be, I like making characters on sci-fi elements that is a part that I really imagine all the time, i think those two sides are part of my art style, I think are not part of my creative process but I have it from the beginning or my stuff.

Evoke {3} Apart from Evokeone you are also active in other online communities, do you feel being active in groups like this has affected your constant evolution as an artist?

Vigan Tafili: Yeah I'm part of some talented online communities, yes for sure being part of evoke I have really grown my skills alot I think the members critique are the most helpful stuff that have make me push my limits, to all artists I would like to say that never don't ignore a critique, if you dont accept it you will never be a critiq to, lol as I see those days I'm very critique I hope I haven't been so harsh with some members.

Evoke {4} Let's speak a bit regarding tools. What pieces of kit do you use the most, any software or hardware you wouldn't want to be without?

Vigan Tafili: Well only this last year I have started using Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, Mudbox and Zbrush is in progress, I all the time I have use Photoshop I think that software is the perfect thing ever made, but before photoshop the most helpful software that have made me get more was Gimp a free software that much of people can use it for some good stuff, it's very good to experiment with 2 or more softwares.

Evoke {5} Can you tell us your favourite piece that you have submitted to Evoke, and explain a little about the ideas and techniques that went into making it?

Vigan Tafili: Well my favorite submit at evoke what the first one 'Seven Lives' in that piece I have push my limits making it looks very good, the idea was the theme 'Nostalgia' that thame has open my nostalgy song that I have lisent so much the Seven Lives song from Enigma, That music is just great and hearing that song have made me do that piece, the techniques that I have use on that piece was my manipulation tricks and some mouse paintings.

Evoke {6} For a creative environment do you have a preferred setup? Music or silence? Early or late? What feels best for you when working on a painting Vigan?

Vigan Tafili: Well I use a dell setup is not so so great but its cool and helpful, I'm a music fan, doing a artwork I always play songs, they gives me to much inspiration. Well painting detailed part makes me very focused person and makes me feel good.

Evoke {7} Do you ever hit a block and frustration, or lack of motivation when creating art? As most of us do at some point have you got any tips to share for breaking these creative bottlenecks?

Vigan Tafili: Yeah like every artist I must say I have just some blocks not some frustration, but I exceed that with doing fun a bit going out from pc enjoyin nature making something different, that is what I do and I would like to say to all artists when you see yourself a bit stressed or with a low motivation do some fun and motivated things and then get back to work.

Evoke {8} Do you have any clear plans for the future? Either where your profession might go or new styles you want to develop artistically?

Vigan Tafili: Yeah I have strong plans for the future, my profession is going to be a visual/ conceptual artist thats my path, I want to grow myself much more I think art skills are unlimited so I will be more focused on grown, I most say that digital art is my first love and hope I will do it forever.

Evoke {9} In closing thank you very much for your time Vigan, and for your vibrant contributions to Evokeone. We look forward to seeing more of them in future exhibitions. Please feel free to give us any final thoughts or shouts you have?

Vigan Tafili: You're welcome and thanks go to you evoke for everything for great times that I will never forget I wish to evoke a unlimited sucsess and awesome relesess, I'm very lucky that I am a part of evoke, so to new members I would like to say that Evoke is like a liquid Gold. yeah for sure. To every artist I would say that art makes changes on world so we make the changes to world withour art is like a body without skin, so do and share Quality a unique stuff.