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The Void is many things, but it is never nothing, raising an interesting philosophical point about the nature of nothing and the ontological paradox of nothing,...
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Decloedt Kristof An interview with III: Reboot's featured artist

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The Interview

Justin (Vibralux): So k0zz, lets start out with some background info, first. What is your name, where do you live?
`k0zz: My real name is Decloedt Kristof, i'm 21 years old, i live in Belgium(so my english will suck), i do Multimedia at school, i got an relationship off almost 2 years, and i like design, parties, skate and snowboard_
Justin (Vibralux): Nice... When you say, "skate" do you mean skateboarding or rollerblading?
`k0zz: i mean skateboarding, i'm doing it almost for about 6 years
Justin (Vibralux): Wow, that's awhile...
`k0zz: yeah i know, but i just like to take my board and go and don't think of shit
Justin (Vibralux): Cool. How long have you been designing?
`k0zz: i start doing some photoshop things 3 years ago, learning bit by bit, and i was getting inspired by a techno event called projekt, they had some basic abstract poster. And then i discoverd dA and so it al started out for me. I created an account with an old nickname parain, and i got to know some people and we exchange some knowledge and so i learned some techniques.
`k0zz: so i had some photoshop basic : 1,5 year. And about 1,5 year i start making my own abstract on dA
Justin (Vibralux): What kind of style would you say you have?
`k0zz: i don't know, i just like to experiment. Maybe mixed media, because i like to use all different kind off stuff. What would you say my style is?
Justin (Vibralux): well you use to have a vector/3D abstract style, but the new pieces from you are different. I don't know how to catagorize them, maybe mixed media. But whatever they are, I like them
`k0zz: thank you.
Justin (Vibralux): What are your thoughts on being the featured artist for Reboot, our 3rd Exhibit, and for the release of v2?
`k0zz: We'll i'm suprised. i'm glad that i get the honour off being the featured artist. it think i give you a sign that you are serving the community well. so i would say Thanks guys . And with the release and so, thats really kinky ^^
Justin (Vibralux): Lol. What do you think about Reboot and v2?
`k0zz: about the pack reboot, i think its good, there are some good quality artworks in there. We have a variety we bring with this pack i mean photo's, vector, abstract, 3d... call it we bring it. That good about us. about v2, well the code behind is really good and so, but the layout could be better, thats just my personal opinion.
Justin (Vibralux): Yeah, this is my favorite exhibit yet, pretty diverse IMO.
Justin (Vibralux): But with quality/
Justin (Vibralux): Well, are there any last words you'd like to say before we end this?
`k0zz: yeah man, WE ROCK. and be nice to you mama ^^
`k0zz: take care and rock on
Justin (Vibralux): Haha, trust me, we will rock on
Justin (Vibralux): Thanks for your time bro, keep those kick ass works comin'!
`k0zz: no problem

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