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Vitaliy Zavadskyy, aka NEO, is a talented musician and composer straight out of Toronto, Canada.
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Staff Comments Tony Rivera
ZEN is a big step up in conceptualism for Evoke. It has forced us to channel our creative chakras into creating imagery and music. Our members have taken Eastern influences, paired them with their own unique styles, and created music and imagery that awakens your senses as you browse. There's outstanding work from debut artists such as Nick Taylor, as well as from more longstanding members like Joao Oliveira, Marian Rupp and Eric Oosterhof. Vitaliy Zavadskyy and Alfren Nelson have tied the exhibition together with great audio, and Michael Ahearn's creative photography really stands out as well.

If you are ready to experience some Zensational artistry, this is the place to be!
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