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The Void is many things, but it is never nothing, raising an interesting philosophical point about the nature of nothing and the ontological paradox of nothing,...
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Luuk Vermeyden EvokeOne Evoke Artist
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luuk started using photoshop in the winter of 2001.
All he remember is old signatures wich were useless and a but NOT a waste of time, in my signature periodes i learned a lot.
But the old style of signatures is gone, its all 3d, 2d, vector & abstract work.
His style is more vector/ photomaniplulated art work, wich people like or not.

from 2001 till 2005 he used the name 0range-Grove wich i think is pretty noobish, so he started brainstorming for a new name,
after some hours he came up with the simple and not Much User name: jaxe.
he started using it everywhere, in the game-world but also.... The graphic world.
Some friends had a deviantART account, and said its very handy to upload your work there, so Luuk Joined deviantart too, and already liked it from the beginning.

Now he studies on the graphic school: Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, wich is only the first year for him yet, but its pretty easy.
He learns about graphic media to printing media to modeldrawings.

About Me

Rotterdam, the netherlands

+photoshop +Illustrator +Flash +Dreamwaver

Graphic design, waterpolo, friends

Favorite Artists:

Favorite Musicians:
Kanye west, Jay Z, Above&beyond, Pink floyd

5 years + study(2 yrs)